Getting Started with GFSI through BRCGS

In this free webinar we cover the new BRC Issue 8, the certification process, and the various programs BRC has to offer. We discuss the process of getting started with certification, and some of the important steps to get there. If you’re new to GFSI, new to BRCGS, want an update on the latest programs that BRC has to offer, or you’re just confused by the “alphabet soup” of GFSI, BRCGS, FSMA, and other food safety acronyms, this webinar is for you. Companies who have implemented BRC programs have found they are much better prepared for regulatory visits, FDA inspections, and customers’ expectations.

Come join us for an interactive, conversational discussion about food safety and get your questions answered by John Kukoly, the Americas Director for BRCGS, and by our experienced professionals. And feel free to contact us afterward for assistance!


  • Introduction to BRCGS (BRC) – What’s it all about?
  • How BRCGS Issue 8 benefits food companies
  • Programs BRC has available – which one is right for me?
  • BRCGS START! – a first step
  • BRCGS Food – GFSI Recognized
  • Additional modules – FSMA, Food Safety Culture
  • Other BRCGS programs (Food Packaging certification; Storage and Distribution certification; Agents and Brokers certification)
  • Getting started
  • Tools available through BRCGS
  • BRCGS training courses
  • Self-Assessment / Gap Analysis process
  • Contacting the Certification Body
  • Getting a Pre-Assessment before your audit
  • Join us for Safe Food California in April 2020!

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Difficulty: Beginner

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Who Should Attend

Food company owners, management, food safety staff, new employees, food safety professionals, or anyone interested in learning more about the BRC Issue 8 programs. Employees of companies new to GFSI or to BRCGS (BRC) certification who want to learn more.

Course Instructor

Hillari Bynum Hillari Bynum Author

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